Steve and Keith podcast ep. 912

We have a year to think about a new pitching rule in baseball, and Steve and Keith waste no time dissecting what it will mean for the game for pitchers to have to face at least three batters or last until the end of an inning. It’s not bad! But what are the aesthetics? How does football suuuuck? Find out in this episode.

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 911

Who tires of the Super Bowl? Not us! Not America! Always one of our most rich mines for both fresh and retread material about football’s wrecked aesthetic and baseball’s timeless value, your hosts enthrall in the ribald and flock to the joc-ular in this splendiferous calsutrade of torundular sucktitude!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 909

Steve catches Keith not preparing for the pod when he texts about the big Rams-Saints game in which the end is utterly predictable and lacking a purpose. The game is further invalidated when the referees fail to call an obvious, and major, pass interference penalty. Why did we even turn the TV on?? As a momentary distraction, Scott Fitzgerald’s comments on football enter the discussion. Next time–Superbowl…is it named after an oversized toilet? Probably!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 908

We see the pitcher and catcher all the time when watching a baseball broadcast, so what are fans’ typical views of those players, and how do these two important players fit into the aesthetic plan of the game? Do they have any apparent or actual counterparts in football? Listen to find out–but what you already know is that football sucks!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 907

While watching and reacting to live football, your hosts make a stunning revelation: Football can be fun when the viewer asks, “how is this action good for me?” Betting or fantasy are two main ways to accomplish this. Enjoying the game itself? Ha! The hosts make football good for them by pitting a coin flip against the actual outcome of each play–in real time! Get ready for this tour-de-force and football’s tour-de-suck-it!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 906

Those clowns in sports journalism are at it again! Someone actually tried to equate a football player’s stats to how he’d hypothetically perform as a baseball player. Naturally, this football solution couldn’t go unanswered! Your hosts firmly dismantle this absurd thesis and add in a couple great aesthetic gems to boot! Beat it football–you suck!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 903

Leading from last week’s outfield discussion, in this episode, your hosts wing their ball of aesthetic critiques to the cutoff man standing on the shallow outfield grass and take a look at the characteristics of the four infield players. What is their typical profile and how is each one different from its aesthetic ideal? Where is there room for debate? What is certain? Yes, durable as ever, is the notion that football sucks!!