Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 903

Leading from last week’s outfield discussion, in this episode, your hosts wing their ball of aesthetic critiques to the cutoff man standing on the shallow outfield grass and take a look at the characteristics of the four infield players. What is their typical profile and how is each one different from its aesthetic ideal? Where is there room for debate? What is certain? Yes, durable as ever, is the notion that football sucks!!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 902

Wait, what is sports aesthetics? Your enthusiastic hosts restate their thesis! Next item under their examining eye (and blustery microphone effect) is the outfield triad in baseball. What makes a good fielder at each position? Are they different? How do they relate to each other? Does football still suck it? Yes!!!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 901

A new season arrives, bringing new theme songs but the same old crew and inspired rants that have won over audiences worldwide. Steve and Keith continue to distill sports wisdom and aesthetics into hard truth. In this episode, how does the suspension of disbelief factor into sports? How are an umpire’s binary calls superior to calls made along a spectrum? Football of course is the worst manifestation of these concepts because it sucks!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 813

We end this season with an explosive, scotch-fueled double episode! The first section demonstrates why this pod needs a jingle, and by the end, our banter will have stimulated your ear drums so richly that you’ll claim that the rest of your life needs a jingle. After that, you’ll hear an extended, soul-nourishing affirmation about why baseball played at the pro level is not all that baseball is–there are many forms it can take and its best one might not even have been invented yet! Finally, you’ll hear a drubbing of a recent, discouraging experience at Busch Stadium, complete with multiple whip cracks. Exhausted after 37 minutes of entertaining nonsense that answers questions you wouldn’t dare ask, there’s still enough left in the tank to tell football to suck it!!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 812

In this lively rendition, the World Cup gets the medieval treatment, a recent trip to Nats park reveals which parts of the game that had nothing to do with winning or losing were the most appealing, and a jingle reemerges to launch a back-and-forth about how a sport shouldn’t try to control the reality around itself, like football does by invading every corner of your life, or in DC and the Nats trying to build a resplendent neighborhood around its stadium in time for the All-Star game and falling well short. I smell the putrid scent of football’s dirty mitts in this disgrace–repugnant!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 811

Well-oiled and ready for use, this pod peels out in a furious bolt, careening toward auditory fame in a blaze of glory. First, this episode features an article by an art critic that tries to wade into the sport-as-art concept but blows the analysis. Soccer “injuries” are a huge embarrassment to the sport, as well as to their recent adopters, basketball, and baseball players should no longer feel the sting of being heckled as the weakest players in sport. Finally, baseball isn’t just a game, it’s an issuance to a community. Take that Nats Park! Aaaaaaand…suck it football!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 810

You won’t want to miss this week’s self-improvement tips for how good habits helps push out the jive and bring in the love. Also this week, an old jingle makes a comeback to highlight how baseball promotes creation and football promotes destruction, and then it all wraps up with everyone’s favorite dickery–this time it’s about how baseball includes in-the-moment crowd encouragement to the players who make great art. Of course, art means nothing unless football is sucking it!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 809

After a wedding in the S&K Family, the boys are back to shout about sports! The episode beings with an interview about the aforementioned wedding, and eases into a coin-decided sequence facetiously praising football for being ridiculous, and ending with a rant about how baseball rule changes still feel like a football solution. Here’s a solution for football–sucking it!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 808

This episode has some Flavor! Flav drops in briefly to start off the program. Then, it’s a rant about freakish players making ugly plays and earning praise. Later, we learn how the chaos that follows a fight in sports shows the truth about team sports. And then there’s plenty of dickery left to talk about speed and flow and how replay sucks! Out best example–football!!