Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 714

Football’s “aesthetic” is mutable and unsatisfying because a team can decide to sit on its heels, “protecting” the lead, but inviting its inevitable demise. A full expression of football’s aesthetic–regardless of state-of-the-art safety equipment–results in broken bones and broken brains.¬†Baseball’s aesthetic is stable, and craftily contains the game’s action, whether hyper or docile, which is much to the observer’s satisfaction. It contains its violence to inanimate objects: ball to bat, ball to glove, foot to base. Take that and suck it football!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 713

Football has a celebrated one-game format for playoff advancement, but that means ¬†gameplay doesn’t deliver a story like a seven-game series in baseball or hockey might. So, viewers are left to accept the story told about the game entirely outside of the game, and then burst with reaction relative to that story once the action begins. Fans get out of football only what they’re primed to expect–making the unexpected such an outsized feature of the experience. Baseball is enjoyable to a neutral observer, and withstands biased commentating. Happy New Year! This year, football still sucks!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 712

Isn’t football at its best when played at a sub-pro level, like collegiate Division II, where the players and referees, in their imperfection and modest talent, embody what football is: a flawed, goofy novelty? Across the sports leagues, we see the basketball is utterly predictable, hockey is–to its credit–still a bit of an enigma, and football doesn’t have anything worth predicting. Baseball winter talks leave us craving the day-to-day performance of our favorite teams. You can’t say that about football, but we can say that it sucks!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 711

Football is ungovernable! A late game drive by the Lions featuring 8 runs into the defensive line, three late-call penalties, a QB stuff touchdown, booth replay and a frustrated player on the Chiefs chucking a ref’s flag into the stands leaves the impression that this game is out of any official’s hands! Football’s zazz gets so dense and heavy, its rotten core can’t support this artificially puffed-up spectacle and causes the sport to degrade and lose viewership. Why? You know why–it sucks!!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 710

Football co-opts common sayings and conventional wisdom as if the sport represents reality, like the way they say “he made it look easy,” but it’s a fallacy, because the play was actually easy! In baseball, no play is easy, but players achieve wonderful feats of apparent simplicity amid difficult circumstances. And, can you believe that NFL games feature a near 1:1 ratio of plays to commercials!? What a joke. It’s so unwatchable! Suck it football!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 709

Football is so aesthetically deficient that it features a play known as a “fade pass,” in which a player’s feet determine a touchdown call at the back of the end zone, but at the front end, at the pylon, the ball is the determining object. Inconsistent much? And, as the NFL experiments with new video game-like camera angles, are they winning fans or just exposing their weaknesses? We’ll let you decide!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 708

Football is boring these days–with its lower ratings and analytical color commentators–so this podcast cranks up the zany banter and tampers with its usual rambunctious format! Much fun is had with a random harkening of jingles, erasing the trauma incurred by mere mention of football’s absurd, calamitous underperformance. All you need to know is football gives us nothing, and is boring and pointless!!! Suck it football!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 707

With numerous sports leagues promoting their playoffs as “the real season,” and players taking it easy during the regular season, why watch? Why play? The church doors open with an illustration of why, in football, “the end is near.” The end is near for players’ health, coaches’ jobs, and the season. That’s why NFL can constantly throw itself a party with streamers and fireworks as if it were going away! We wish it would go away! For good!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 706

Hear why the frantic camerawork of World Series television directors is pulled from the bag of atrocious football gimmicks, and why its seeming effect of ‘excitement’ divulges football’s weakness. Find out why football is in love with itself (and hear a new jingle)! How desperate is football to prove itself big, bad, and important, that it has to implicate itself into the federal court system to solve its problems? Pretty desperate, and pretty sucky!