Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 708

Football is boring these days–with its lower ratings and analytical color commentators–so this podcast cranks up the zany banter and tampers with its usual rambunctious format! Much fun is had with a random harkening of jingles, erasing the trauma incurred by mere mention of football’s absurd, calamitous underperformance. All you need to know is football gives us nothing, and is boring and pointless!!! Suck it football!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 707

With numerous sports leagues promoting their playoffs as “the real season,” and players taking it easy during the regular season, why watch? Why play? The church doors open with an illustration of why, in football, “the end is near.” The end is near for players’ health, coaches’ jobs, and the season. That’s why NFL can constantly throw itself a party with streamers and fireworks as if it were going away! We wish it would go away! For good!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 706

Hear why the frantic camerawork of World Series television directors is pulled from the bag of atrocious football gimmicks, and why its seeming effect of ‘excitement’ divulges football’s weakness. Find out why football is in love with itself (and hear a new jingle)! How desperate is football to prove itself big, bad, and important, that it has to implicate itself into the federal court system to solve its problems? Pretty desperate, and pretty sucky!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 705

The boys are still roiling from the Nationals’ horrifically calamitous playoff exit, and they expel their upset feelings in today’s podcast. But, ‘upset,’ in football, means something different: it’s usually when a worse team beats a better team. How do you predict anything in an unpredictable sport? Doesn’t measuring football only glorify–and validate–the upper crust of the sport (commentators, officials, etc.)? And, despite all the talk of appreciating the art of baseball, it’s still incredibly difficult to take your focus off of winning. No matter what, you lose! Just like football! Arghh!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 704

The playoffs are here and the boys reflect on their trip to Nationals Park for game 1 of the NLDS. The trusty ballpark programming, gags, and features that sustained us all summer have turned dim, or faded, as if the summer had sun-bleached them and are now too weak to power the new playoff atmosphere. Also, the ‘error’ in baseball describes a world where players execute the sport as it was intended, to the delight of fans, but football is often a game where the unexpectedly good and unexpectedly bad things happen–and that’s somehow a good thing!? It’s a sucky thing!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 703

Why does the NFL think it can intrude into your life, showing commercials about moms delivering babies in the hospital while watching the game, but act like kneeling players are inappropriate cultural intrusions to the game? Also, instant replay robs both football and baseball of aesthetic unity because of its focus on ungovernable minutiae. And, replay, as a physical act–think of the players holding their hands to their ears in the “headphones” motion–doesn’t have an aesthetic movement or outcome. It messes everything up! Thanks football!!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 702

The quickened pace doesn’t abate in this fierce episode! The term ‘football play’ stands for something magnificent and unreasonable, but also mundane and regular, but also, in an announcer’s verbal defeat, anything at all, because the game is so unintelligible and they need to fill dead air. ┬áSpeaking of which, inscrutable action leads football spectators to scream about what should have happened! Doesn’t that indicate that viewers expect a certain outcome, but are betrayed? Baseball gives a satisfying, expected outcome, spiked with fun violations of expectations–like good art! Go figure! Suck it football!!!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 701

It’s our seventh season and we’re comin’ at ya! Our new format hustles through salient arguments rich with S&K dogmatic splendor, punctuated by high-demand jingles. We praise baseball’s permanence, especially as we focus our attention toward season’s end. Like us, football is back for another season, and we’ve let simmer our withering disgust for this aesthetic atrocity for too long, so it’s time for cathartic release!! Oh, in case you couldn’t tell, football sucks!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 617

The democratized view of sports appreciation reveals, as we suspected, that seeing the sport how you want doesn’t lead to knowing it on an aesthetic level, and one’s engagement with a sport matters. It determines whether the sport is being seen for its own qualities instead of the qualities of the medium in which it’s delivered. Going to the game itself and watching it is the best way to appreciate it for itself. And when you go to a football game, you realize it sucks!

Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 616

What’s your answer when someone asks you, “Do you like sports?” Being a sports fan is different than simply liking sports, and the loudest devotees–often known as the fans–control the understanding of sports, whereas those who like the game, and maybe even played as a kid, are tamer, but have an interest closer to an aesthetic appreciation. How do we persuade the casual viewer to disregard the loud fools? Tell them football sucks!!!