Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 415

As Earth spins toward its darkest hour, the boys adopt a pagan’s ecstasy about the coming Solstice, and revel in the end of the football season! Can we actually call it a season? We don’t find any cogent narratives and only 3 teams worth watching! Crappy teams are in first place! And, by way of comparison, the boys show how football fans, like Star Wars fans, can be strung along in a world of their obsession by gross exaggerations of spectacle, exploitation, commercialism, and gluttony. This was true of the prequel trilogy, but the new Star Wars movie gives a baseball-type performance–a return to reliable form, using plot devices as devices and not zany distractions. We return to this truth: Football sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve & Keith Suck at Football
Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 415

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