Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 416

Football is slow! Some parts of it might feature break-neck speed and literal broken necks, but overall it is a slow, plodding nightmare, lacking any pleasing or quickened movement toward its end. Baseball, on the other hand, employs mechanisms–the 3-out rule, or 3-strike rule, for example–to move the game forward steadily. And, the Super Bowl is the New Years Eve of sports. People show up to view it, they think they need to act in a special way, and revel to the max. However, true fun and genuine expression are lost in this goofy contrivance. Baseball allows for real connection, real expression, real selves. Wait! The ball is dropping…4, 3, 2, 1…You Suck Football!

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Steve & Keith Suck at Football
Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 416

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