Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 813

We end this season with an explosive, scotch-fueled double episode! The first section demonstrates why this pod needs a jingle, and by the end, our banter will have stimulated your ear drums so richly that you’ll claim that the rest of your life needs a jingle. After that, you’ll hear an extended, soul-nourishing affirmation about why baseball played at the pro level is not all that baseball is–there are many forms it can take and its best one might not even have been invented yet! Finally, you’ll hear a drubbing of a recent, discouraging experience at Busch Stadium, complete with multiple whip cracks. Exhausted after 37 minutes of entertaining nonsense that answers questions you wouldn’t dare ask, there’s still enough left in the tank to tell football to suck it!!

Steve & Keith Suck at Football
Steve and Keith Podcast ep. 813

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