Steve & Keith podcast ep. 301

Season 3! New Gimmicks! New Jingles! In this new season, on our first step into the batter’s box, we wonder, “will we be afraid of the ball?” Regardless, we can’t step out–much like big leaguers under new rules–and will take swings at pressing sports questions. The boys discuss why baseball is a better model for life, in this case by following the course of the natural seasons, from the rebirth of Spring Training to the World Series where we reap the bountiful harvest of a great year. Abomination? Pace of play rules, duh!

Steve & Keith Suck at Football
Steve & Keith podcast ep. 301

One thought on “Steve & Keith podcast ep. 301

  1. Loving the updates for the new season! New intro, new segments (Mr. Burns!) and “Opening Baseball Cards: The Game.” This is going to be a great ride…

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