Steve & Keith Podcast ep. 401

There’s so much jingle to love! The Fourth Season begins with improved jingles and¬†a new structure of part religion, part science! Tune in for a balanced approach to the unbalanced, capricious, and vainglorious enterprise that we know as America’s Great Shame: Football. It’s America’s favorite sport to watch because of the experience of watching it, but not the actual gameplay. The boys try again to find an aesthetic in football–this time its parallel with the Autumnal reaping of Summer’s bounty and a return to ritual and responsibility–but they fall distressingly short. Football is just deceptively and vacuously¬†borrowing an aesthetic. “Vacuous” sounds like “vacuum,” which sucks, just like football!!

Steve & Keith Suck at Football
Steve & Keith Podcast ep. 401

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