Steve & Keith Podcast ep. 407

An NFL team in England? What does this gluttonous, overambitious league not understand about Hadrian’s Wall in England and its symbolism for the over-extension and downfall of the self-congratulating NFL-like Roman Empire? This podcast tells you what. And, the NFL and its fans are blinded by the sport’s flagrant zaniness. In addition, while MLB and NFL may immerse its fans in their product, MLB gives us a cultural glue of daily activities, open to fans engaging at their comfort level, whereas the NFL creates (and reinforces) a culture where fans supplicate to a cacophonous bombardment of barbarism ( onĀ one day only!), while feeding them mindless gossip for six days to follow. Say it with us: Football Sucks!!

Steve & Keith Suck at Football
Steve & Keith Podcast ep. 407

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