Steve & Keith Podcast ep. 409

With the World Series behind us, baseball has disappeared, and football has enveloped America, like the unexpected dusk of a late Autumn afternoon, conspicuously symbolized┬áby┬áSteve’s wearing of a football t-shirt. But fear not! The boys do not go gentle into that good night–they argue against football’s thorough wasting of energy in nearly every play. They also dig deep into their aesthetic instincts to debunk the idea that Tom Brady–having the best year of his career–is an artist rising above a flotsam of crooked rules and shattered clavicles. An individual in football achieves only when he isn’t interrupted, whereas baseball gives every player the chance, aided by superior analysis and strategy, to illustrate the sport’s finer form and aesthetic beauty. Nice try football…you suck!

Steve & Keith Suck at Football
Steve & Keith Podcast ep. 409

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